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Our Advisors

Alexander Shulgin

Russian Blockchain Godfather

Brock Pierce

Early Global Blockchain Thought Leader and Venture Capitalist

Randy Kaplan

Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Akamai

Christian De Faria

VP Specialist Advisor Orange Telecom for Middle East and Africa

Jonathan Finch

Advisor to Liquid Telecom out of Africa

Edith Yeung

Head of 500 Startups Greater China

The Problem

90% of emerging market consumers are online less than
6 days a month through mobile data.

Emerging market consumers represent 80% of the world’s internet population.
Mobile data is their primary means of internet access but it is prohibitively expensive.
DSL and cable availability is limited, and free public wifi is scarce.

This presents a tremendous advantage to apps/sites (publishers) that are able to offer
free access. These publishers represent the only option when a consumer
has no mobile data. This violates net neutrality principles as only big publishers
have the scale to do this. Technical and commercial barriers limit
Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to engaging with only a select few publishers.

The process of ISP-Publisher integration is complex, expensive and time consuming.

And must be repeated with every single ISP/Publisher. This drives ISPs to only work
with publishers that purchase at scale.

We believe that all publishers should be given the opportunity to provide free access.

The calculus for publishers is simple: more time online results in more revenue.

We believe that all consumers should have internet access 30 out of 30 days.

Yes, consumers cannot afford internet access, but publishers can.

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Our Solution


The Open Data Exchange (ODX) will democratize internet access through the blockchain.
Publishers and ISPs meet in a global marketplace for data.

Powered by blockchain, Publishers and ISPs can transact at scale through a network of trust.

ODX will benefit all stakeholders in the internet economy:


All Publishers, big and small,
can now provide data-free access.
More time online results in more revenue.


Simple, fast, cost effective way
to engage with the long tail of publishers.


Free Internet



Nix Nolledo CEO

Nix is the chairman and co-founder of Xurpas which is the first mobile consumer technology company to be listed in any Southeast Asian Stock Exchange.

He is the first Filipino Entrepreneur chosen by the Endeavor global network, the Ernst and Young 2015 Philippine Entrepreneur of the Year and was chosen as one of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) in the Philippines in 2015.

Nix is an active angel investor in early stage tech startups as well as in blockchain company token sales. At present, he has made more than 30 angel investments in early stage companies in Asia and the United States.


Cholo Tagaysay CMO

Cholo has 17 years of experience in the mobile consumer content industry, managing mobile companies operating in various South East Asian markets: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh.

Before joining ODX full time, he was the Chief Marketing Officer of Xurpas from 2014 to 2018.

Cholo has served in the following management roles:
Co-Founder and Managing Director, Digital Storm Inc (2010-14)
President, G-Gateway Mobile Philippines (2009-10)
Managing Director, Information Gateway (2004-09)
Director, Globe Telecom (2000-04)

Prior to mobile, he was in advertising:
Account Supervisor, McCann Erickson (1997-2000)
Senior Manager, Dentsu (1995-97)

Cholo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Economics from Ateneo de Manila University.


Andy Garcia CTO

Andy is a co-founder of Xurpas Inc. and has been its Chief Technology Officer since 2001. He served as Corporate Secretary of the Corporation until December 2014.

He created the Corporation’s Griffin Platform, the mobile consumer content gateway and platform for all of the Corporation’s mobile consumer content products and services. He also created the Corporation’s modular middleware system that can easily integrate with any modern billing gateway. He is the chief engineer responsible for the Corporation’s software architecture and systems integration. Examples of such systems and protocols are the following: SMS (CIMD2/EMI-UCP/SMPP), MMS (EIAF/MM7), Voice Services (SIP), Billing/IN (Diameter/UCIP/ParlayX2.1), Security (IPSEC), Publish-subscribe Systems and Video Streaming (RTMP/HLS). Andy is also responsible for architecting the Corporation’s fully Cloud-based system infrastructure.

Before founding the Corporation, he was a software developer in iAyala. Mr. Garcia holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Physics from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City.


JV Colayco Consultant

JV was the Chief Business Development Officer of Xurpas from 2014 to 2018 and Treasurer of the Corporation since 2016 before joining ODX full time.

He was previously the co-founder and co-managing director of Digital Storm, Inc., a developer of online casual game platforms. He was the President of 888 Creative Studios (a subsidiary of Information Gateway, Inc.) from 2004 to 2010, during which time he led the management of relationships with foreign and local licensors from the music, motion picture and game industries. JV also served as Managing Director for EMI Music Philippines and Marketing Director for Sony Music Philippines. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and Religious Studies from Brown University, Magna Cum Laude. He obtained his Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts.


Rolen Facundo Chief Engineer

Rolen is one of the original co-founders, Vice President of Research and Development, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Fluxion Inc.

He holds solid expertise in business strategy enablement, software development, software architecture, and development life cycle management. He is also an analytical problem solver, pioneering the concept of mobile virtual storage back in 2001 despite its only very recent demand. As the current CTO of Xurpas Enterprise, Inc., he is responsible for spearheading the design, development, and implementation of various strategic frameworks for business architecture and implementation of enabling technological platforms for its clients.


Hubert Ang Senior Engineer

Hubert is one of the co-founders and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Fluxion Inc.

He is responsible for bringing together the technical expertise, experience and manpower necessary to make innovative systems, applications and solutions.

He currently oversees and directs the organization’s internal operations and procedures and manages financial viability, partner relations, and business development in the public sector. He graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Physics with Specialization in Computer Application from De La Salle University.


Joben Ilagan Blockchain Technology Advisor

Joben is the co-founder and president of Seer Technologies, a 15-year old software consultancy, development and managed-services company focused on mobile, cloud and data technologies.

Among Seer’s clients are large corporations in Telecommunications, Banking, Energy, Transportation, and Media. One product involves prepaid billing and stored value management. In 2015, Seer became a subsidiary of Xurpas, a consumer technology company listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange. Prior to founding Seer, Joben spent close to 10 years in Oracle Philippines handling various roles related to Solutions Architecture. He graduated from the Ateneo De Manila University with degrees in MS Computer Science and BS Management Engineering.


Chad Adlawan Blockchain Technology Advisor

Chad is the Service Delivery Manager of Xurpas Enterprise Inc.

Prior to joining Xurpas, he was Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of one of Xurpas' majority-owned companies, Havoc Digital Inc., from 2010 to 2017, with business in the development and operations of web and mobile applications for enterprise and telecom operators.

He specializes in the design and architecture of secure, high-performance, high-traffic, and high-availability websites and applications; full project lifecycle management, and research and development of new and emerging technologies. Between 2000 to 2010, he also managed the backend operations of the Philippines largest and busiest online forum,


Mannix Chong Network & Mobile Client Team Head

Mannix is a Technical Lead at Xurpas and handles R&D as well as the architecture and implementation of the company’s products.

Prior to joining Xurpas, he has had various roles involving software development, system architecture, and product development in the telecom and banking sectors. He was previously the CTO of an ed-tech startup leading the development of an enrollment platform and payment gateway aggregator. His areas of interest include high performance and low latency architectures, machine learning, and network programming. He holds a degree in Computer Science from De La Salle University Manila.


Hannah Magdaluyo Consumer App Head

Hannah leads product development for Xurpas’ data free projects.

She developed, launched and operated Xurpas’ zero rated third party Android app store and the pilot for ODX. Hannah has six years experience in digital. Prior to Xurpas, she worked on multiple e-commerce projects including O2O Commerce. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Accounting from University of Santo Tomas, Manila.


Lizel Bondoc Project Manager

Lizel is an experienced IT Project Manager that has worked with both indie and corporate development teams. Highly proficient with Agile methodologies, and uses her skills to deliver software products ranging from mobile apps and games, to web platforms.

Being a mechanical engineer herself, she uses engineering principles to optimize her team's workflow. She took up Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of the East Manila.


Gaita Quimbo Web Applications Manager

Gaita has been part of the Xurpas group since 2014, through its subsidiary, Fluxion Inc.

With over 8 years of experience in the Web and Mobile Application industry, she is proficient in various roles ranging from Accounts Management, Project Management, Systems Analysis and Design to Quality Assurance.

She is also knowledgeable in the areas of Agile Methodology and Cloud Infrastructure Services. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences from the Ateneo de Manila University.


Melody Cariaga Mobile Applications Manager

Melody has been working with Xurpas Inc. since 2015 and is now a Project Manager that oversees the technical aspects of a large-scale project.

Prior to being a Project Manager, she had been a Senior Unity Developer, and as such, she has experience in handling different teams of developers responsible for creating mobile games that were published in Google Play. She is a certified Professional Scrum Master and graduated as Cum Laude with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with specialization in Game Design and Development at De La Salle – College of St. Benilde.

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