How Internet Continues to Dominate the World

When we think of our necessities, first thing that comes to mind are food, shelter, and water to name a few. However, in today’s modern age, rather than being an option, the Internet has become a vital tool throughout the world. Seeing its significant and agile expansion, you’d expect people to be online 7 days a week, 24/7 but alas, people are still missing out especially the ones from emerging markets.

According to Marx, A. (2016), with broadband costing on average $55 per month in the US, 25% of all households and 50% of those making less than $20,000 lack Internet access at home. Therefore, people lined up for hours in public libraries to use free computers. Considering this scenario, public libraries were not able to accommodate everybody because of limited equipment. Fast forward to 2018, this problem still persists.

Based on an article entitled “Too Poor To Afford The Internet”, to complete their online homework, students stayed all day in front of Morris Park Library with their laptops in the Bronx just to have free access to the leaking Wi-Fi signal. Imagine if students can access Internet freely and easily, it can improve the quality of education by extending the range for students to have access to more information and knowledge beyond the reach of their classrooms. We need to start recognizing that, be it a child or a regular worker, no access to the internet means no equal access to education or a job. There is simply no full equality without digital equality.

Teachers can also use the Internet as a tool to communicate to their students more efficiently and effectively. This is a key advantage so that teachers can give proper attention to their respective students whilst reducing the costs for schools without compromising quality education.

Internet access also provides convenience for government services, commerce, and health care. The usual long and strenuous processes are made easy with Internet because people do not have to undergo the hassle of lining up in government offices. They can also answer government forms and set appointments online. In addition, a recent study justified that there is a positive relationship between internet expansion and local economic growth. Much of the modern job-hunting happens online and people can research and apply for these opportunities online. Moreover, small and big enterprises are encouraged to expand their businesses through e-commerce. Growth opportunities can be utilized intensely. Considering how big the scope Internet has, it’s not a problem accessing global information.

The consumers benefit from the internet as well. They have the luxury of possibilities for buying content, news, leisure products, and goods. Instead of driving to a mall, going in and out of shops, fitting so many items, they can now just scroll through their phones. They get things done with minimum effort.

Internet has become a necessity to survive. Access to the internet has a direct effect on the quality of life of an individual. If internet access can be made equal among all types of markets, the greater the chance of increasing the quality of life of an individual or economy. The opportunity for growth through the internet has no ceiling. Imagine a world where internet is a utility. It might come sooner than you think.