What is ODX?

ODX stands for Open Data Exchange. It is a global marketplace where publishers and internet service providers (ISPs) can transact at scale to deliver free internet access to consumers in emerging markets. Leveraging on blockchain technology, ODX creates a network of trust, generating a truly open ecosystem. It was established by the co-founder of Xurpas, the Philippines’ largest consumer tech company.

What is the goal of ODX?

The goal of ODX is to provide free internet for emerging markets. ODX wants to equalize the playing field for both big and small publishers. Any app that wants to provide free data for its users should be able to do so. ODX provides the opportunity to do this. More than that, it gives free internet to emerging markets. People from emerging markets will have access 30/30 days in a month whereas before majority of them could only access it 5/30 days in a month. The hope is for everyone to have 24/7 access to data.

What problem is ODX trying to solve?

Basic problems we are trying to solve are:

  1. 80 percent of all internet users in the world live in emerging markets.
  2. 90 percent of emerging market consumers are online less than 10 days a month through paid mobile data. The rest of the time they need free Wi-Fi to surf the web.
  3. This gives a strong advantage to sites that are able to offer a free service (free Facebook for example).
  4. This violates net neutrality principles and gives preferential treatment to publishers that have the scale to afford to do this.
  5. We believe that a publisher that has a strong emerging market business model (ecommerce, games, etc …) would make more money if it sponsored this internet access for their own sites rather than have subscribers pay for net access to use their site/app.

Who is the team behind ODX?

The team behind ODX is headed by Nix Nolledo, Founder of ODX PTE Ltd.

Nix has a full complement of engineers and a business development team where he is included.

Where can I find more information about ODX?

You can find more information about ODX on our website: https://odx.network/. You can also join our telegram group: ODX Official / https://t.me/ODXOfficialAnnouncements/.

Where can I find the latest news regarding ODX?

You can find out the latest news regarding ODX in the press releases on our website: https://odx.network/featured-article/.

What can I do with the ODX Alpha App?

You can send and receive tokens to others that have the ODX app. Transacting with others has never been simpler. The ODX wallet helps you manage your tokens as well. You can also use your tokens to avail of the many different data plans.

Which markets will the ODX Alpha App be available in?

As of now, the ODX Alpha App is only available in the Philippines. This will expand to more markets and telcos in the future.

Can I buy ODX tokens using Fiat?

This feature is not available yet. Join our telegram group for the latest updates: https://t.me/ODXOfficialAnnouncements/.

When are you releasing the whitepaper?

The ODX whitepaper is currently under legal review. We will notify you as soon as it is made available.

Can I be whitelisted?

We will release more information as soon as possible.

When is the token sale?

We will release more information as soon as possible.