The Problem

90% of emerging market consumers are online less than 6 days a month through mobile data.

Emerging market consumers represent 80% of the world’s internet population. Mobile data is their primary means of internet access but it is prohibitively expensive. DSL and cable availability is limited, and free public wifi is scarce.

This presents a tremendous advantage to apps/sites (publishers) that are able to offer free access. These publishers represent the only option when a consumer has no mobile data. This violates net neutrality principles as only big publishers have the scale to do this. Technical and commercial barriers limit Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to engaging with only a select few publishers. The process of ISP-Publisher integration is complex, expensive and time consuming. And must be repeated with every single ISP/Publisher. This drives ISPs to only work with publishers that purchase at scale.

We believe that all publishers should be given the opportunity to provide free access. The calculus for publishers is simple: more time online results in more revenue. We believe that all consumers should have internet access 30 out of 30 days.

Yes, consumers cannot afford internet access, but publishers can.